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The ZEISS Photography Award is now in its third year – and is calling on ambitious photographers from across the globe to present their work around the theme “Seeing Beyond – Untold Stories” to the international jury of experts. The focus of the photo series should be on stories that have not yet been told (or have not yet been told to the end). The theme “Untold Stories” can and should be understood in the broadest sense – the works can examine the familiar from a new perspective or cover topics that have not received much attention up until now. The goal is for photographers to push the creative boundaries and surpass themselves photographically.

The ZEISS Photography Award is jointly organized by ZEISS and the World Photography Organisation. Last year, around 4,700 photographers from 132 countries submitted more than 31,000 photos.

Photographers are asked to submit a series of 5 - 10 images, including a description of the images, online. Entries close February 6, 2018.

The 2018 brief
"Seeing Beyond - Untold Stories" requires photographers to present a strong series of 5-10 images that look beyond the ordinary and every day. “Untold Stories” is intended to be understood in its broadest sense - the work could explore a familiar theme told from a different perspective or it could address an issue that has previously had little attention. All forms of photography are welcome and judges are specifically looking for series of works that have a strong narrative. The "Untold Story" that the photographer presents must be visually clear in the submitted images.

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